Billy Otis

BILLY OTIS -  I saw Stu (Rudin) and Joe (Maruzzo) do the work in the "Hairy Ape" and I realized this is why I wanted to come to NYC. It made me realize.... because of the work.... it was just brilliant. I didn’t really know about acting except what I learned in high school.  At that time, no one in Toronto really knew the possibilities in acting. There was only the National Theater School in Montreal, which i wasn’t comfortable with. My teacher told me “If you don’t stand up straight you won’t be a good actor.”  I thought to  myself “Pacino slouches...”. I knew the information i was getting was not enough - I needed more information. I knew I wanted to be an actor and I knew I could not grow as an actor in the environment I was in. ...I can walk into a play feeling fine and leave with a massive headache and on the other hand I can walk into a play with a headache and leave feeling fine. I can’t explain exactly what it is that makes me know when something is good - it’s almost’s like how do you define love or a painting?

Billy  Otis,  originally  from  Toronto,  Canada,  moved  to  New  York  City  to  study  at  the  Lee Strasberg  Theatre  Institute  under  Charlie  Laughton.  There  he  met  Stuart  Rudin  and  Nick Lindsay, leading to the formation of a Group of Actors, where they produced, wrote, directed and acted in plays in NYC including "Gettin’ a Lil Somethin’" and "Dry Dock".   Billy first collaborated with Al Ramos and Diane Specioso on "The Seagull" at the former Reggae Lounge then known as the Muse Theater.  In 1992 A Group of Actors merged with Tribeca Lab, Billy producing and directing such plays as "Man with the Flower in his Mouth", "Those Summer Nights when the Dark Comes Late" (featuring Jill Hennessy), and acting in "The Bear", "Sicilian Limes", "Hollow Aluminum".  Billy continues to produce, direct and act with Tribeca Lab. He appears regularly in film: most notably in "Saw IV" and "Saw VI" and in television: in "Law & Order" and a recurring role in "Doc", to name a few.